„Interlinking Text and Data“: Beitrag in der Zeitschrift „Digital Humanities Quarterly“

29. Dezember 2023

In dem Themenheft „Categories in Digital Humanities“ der Zeitschrift „Digital Humanities Quarterly“ (DHQ) ist ein Beitrag des Regenburger Projektteams erschienen und steht ab sofort online:

Interlinking Text and Data with Semantic Annotation and Ontology Design Patterns to Analyse Historical Travelogues

Historical travel research, especially the study of travelogues, has been a popular field within literary and cultural studies. However, there has not yet been any significant progress in the indexing, processing and visualisation of travelogues, either in terms of content or method despite the rise of digital humanities (including the field of digital editions, the discovery of space in social sciences and the development of geoinformation systems).  

Conventional editions based on document modelling with TEI do not have the necessary expressiveness and flexibility to open up all possible use cases. In order to be able to use a digital edition as a basis for further analysis and visualisation, information must be recognised, identified, enriched with additional data and the narration of the events must be explicitly modelled.

Our contribution to the DHQ Special Issue addresses the question of category development for time, space and events through text encoding and semantic annotation while focusing on the current DFG-funded project “Digital Edition of Historical Travelogues”. 

Read on: Sandra Balck, Ingo Frank, Hermann Beyer-Thoma, Anna Ananieva: „Interlinking Text and Data with Semantic Annotation and Ontology Design Patterns to Analyse Historical Travelogues“, Digital Humanities Quarterly 17.3 (2023), http://www.digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/17/3/000726/000726.html

Die Zeitschrift „Digital Humanities Quarterly“ ist eine wissenschaftliche Open-Access-Zeitschrift mit Peer-Review, die alle Aspekte digitaler Medien in den Geisteswissenschaften abdeckt. Sie wird seit 2007 von der Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) herausgegeben.

Das aktuelle Heft: http://www.digitalhumanities.org/dhq/vol/17/3/index.html

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